Taxidermy- Fish Art

Taxidermy is the art that processes an animal to be prepared, stuffed and have its skin be mounted. Formerly, this is for the purpose of continuous study for animals. Although this improved in later days and became collectible and art items. Usually this  art  can cost to more than thousands of dollars (variable to the one who made). The products of fish that has undergone taxidermy can be seen in museums, ocean parks, mansions or near beautiful beaches. The process is not that hard but gets more difficult as the fish gets bigger.


  1. Get the details of the fish you wish to stuff.
  2. Prepare the materials to use. Sharp knife used for filleting or taxidermy scalpel are valuable. This will be used to cut a precise straight line. Cut the adjacent lines of the fish’ skin slowly (skinning the fish). You must achieve a hollow fish with its head only intact and skin remaining.
  3. Remove the bones
  4. Embed a large solution of preserved materials such as glycol ethers or ethanol( ask a taxidermy expert about it).
  5. Stuff the fish that will make like that of the original size it is recommended to stuff saw dust to fill the whole fish
  6. Use a fishing line and a needle to close up the flesh. It is recommended to start stitching from the tail going to the head.
  7. Shape up the fish the way you wish it. Carefully mold the body upon you desire.
  8. Clean the fish with a little water to removed unnecessary dirt.
  9. Put a marble in the eyes as foundation
  10. Let it dry for a certain period of time ( at least a month)
  11. Once it dried up smear it up with silicon to seal up.
  12. Mount the fish so it will look like an Art. Put in wood or frame or a la chandelier.