History of Fish Art

Fish and fishing will always be essential to humans as long as we live. Our great ancestors journeyed in the open sea to find the best fish as a necessary food. With their improvise sharpen wood and resourcefulness, they came to survive as fishing became one of the most essential way of living. But gone are those days and thanks to ever growing science and technology and its development we don’t need to do the traditional way to fish.

History of fish art can be traced even approximately 4000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians included in their hieroglyphics depicted early Egyptian fishing. (Yes, hieroglyphics is an art) this was passed into centuries as time passed by.

Fish art could also be seen in many ancient countries ¬†like Japan, China and Korea. It seems that there is something to fish that makes people curious about it. So they make artistry regarding¬†it. See, it doesn’t matter whether it is ancient times or modern times, as a matter of fact during the renaissance period there where countless of fish art that can be seen portrayed.

To this day many are still using fish art as a creative way to express one’s feeling. Today modern fishart can be traced in taxidermy, fish soap, paintings, etc. and displayed in countless museum, ocean parks , mansions or mere fact the social media of today. Countless of fish art can be seen in many artistic way in different times and different ages.