Korea, Home of one of the Modern Art Scenes

Arts is part of human history that have undergone the ages of existence. It became part of human life from birth to death. When you are born and start education, you learn art alongside with ABCs and 123s. As you grow older you learn more how you can experiment on arts or just throw any interest and focus on working jobs. But art has the power to influence and touch people’s emotions that at times you consider visiting them.

Many art galleries exist in the world but as Korea has one of the most modern art scenes let us see some art galleries located there.

  • Gallery Hyundai have existed since 1970 and presents various exhibitions of well-known Contemporary artists.
  • Artside Gallery is located in Seoul and is remarkable to its focus on Chinese art and artists.
  • Gallery Yeh is a famous landmark located in the district of GangNam with award-winning building.
  • Gana Art Center is located in Pyeongchang and has the largest exposition space in the Korea.
  • Hakgojae is located in Seoul and home to many art works of leading artists.
  • PKM Gallery has international presence participating in international art fairs. Get a chance to have your breast implant from this beauty company. Just check their website over here, 自體脂肪移植. They are great and professional.

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