Let’s Learn Beautiful Fishes in the World

There is a mysterious world of fishes under the ocean. As it is not easily accessible we cannot see what is like inside the ocean. We just get the feeling and ideas in the documentaries, movies, pictures or in big aquariums that has an educational tour so that you will not be bored. Water is a source of life if it is fresh but it’s the opposite if it’s not. As fish can live in the ocean surely it is a clean place for them to live.

We are attracted to anything that is beautiful. As we are amazed at how fishes swim graciously we are more attracted to them because they are also beautiful. Truly they are a gift that we should be thankful for. As we cannot see them in the ocean we go to aquariums or ocean parks just to meet them.

These are the top ten of the most beautiful fishes in the world. They are Lyretail Anthias, Lion Fish, Symphysodon Discus, Moorish Idol, Triggerfish, French Angel Fish, Blueface Angel Fish, Banggai Cardinalfish, Clown Fish, and Mandarinfish.


Each of them belong to a specie or they have many species. Some are found only in specific places. Some have different kind in one specie scattered in the world. How amazing how these creation of God can stay in one place and have relative in the other faraway place. Like families who stay in different nations and visit each other sometimes.