Variety of fish artwork

It seems like there’s something fishy. Fish can be made to an art today but don’t look now, as fish can be even traced ┬áto ancient times. A mere fact that it can be traced even from the ancient Egyptian to Ancient Greece and Rome. Fish art can be seen to the hieroglyphics to sophisticated paintings of the renaissance artist and even to today’s taxidermy. This time let’s classify types of art we can do to with fishes being the main object and subject.

  1. Drawing Fish
    This is the most generic one. Making use of paper and pen and you can create a fish art.
  2. Cardboard fish art
    Cut out fish from a cardboard and color it with pen
  3. Taxidermy
    Process of preserving animal by stuffing it. (Yes we can stuff fishes too)
  4. Painting
    A conventional way to express art.
  5. Sculpture
    Whether by stone or wood or metal. Fish art can be expressed through sculpting.
  6. Fish literature
    Fish can also be seen expressed in poems and stories.
  7. Vase painting
  8. T-shirt printing
  9. 3D graphic Fish art

This days countless of fish art can be seen and expressed in many different ways. Truth to back this up is if you go to a museum that collect fishes as an art you will be amazed by it. Even a themed water park with different types of fish art can make you feel awed. In conclusion there’s nothing smelling fishy — for fish art just yet.